Friday, August 27, 2010

Feedback on the OUP training days and conference

After three days of intensive in-service teacher training and another conference day on Word Skills organised by Oxford University Press for teachers in Hungary I was walking down the stairs with my hands full of equipment: laptop, speakers, flashcards and bags full of "trainer stuff". - Yes, I do have five hands to carry all of this :-) -
I must admit I was exhausted by that time just as anyone else, I thought, who either presented or participated in the sessions during these four intensive days.

So I was watching my steps down the stairs not to drop anything and then I was stopped by a teacher, who obviously wasn't at the beginning of her teaching career. I still remember her slightly scared, "what's going to happen here?"-face, almost trying to hide from everybody around, me and the other 35 teachers present on the first day, first session of the training programme.
But this time she looked different. She was shining, was full of energy, which I envied, of course, and this is what she told me.

"Erika, I've got something to tell you and I would like you to pass it on to all the other speakers of these four training days."

"Yes, sure. Do tell me."

And then she went on: "You know, this was my first time here at these training days. My colleagues had been telling me that I shouldn't miss it because I would learn more in these fours days than I had done during my studies at university. To tell you the truth, what I have learnt here exceeded any of my expectations. I've got so much, so many ideas, so many things to think about, I feel all the presenters should know. And do please give a big thanks to OUP, who made this possible. Without them none of this would have happened. So please make sure you let everyone know. Will you?"

"OK, I will. Thank YOU!"

I was there left speechless for a second. Then I added: "Thank YOU for coming".

I was far too tired to say anything else at that moment, but the thing all participant teachers need to know as well is how much WE, the presenters LEARN FROM THEM during these workshops.

THANK YOU, TEACHERS! None of this learning would have happened without you!

p.s. More posts coming up soon on teachers' input and ideas on various topics from the OUP training days.


  1. Hi Erika,
    I am one of the teachers who also participated in the event. This was my third time, I guess, and I can tell you how much inspiration, energy, practical knowledge, etc. I have collected on these occasions.
    Getting to know wonderful new people is also a gain, both professionally and personally.
    I would join THAT teacher, whoever she is, and thank you all. And OUP.
    And now you can expect a long thread of further thank-you comments. :)

  2. Hi Barbi,

    Thank you for your comment! Glad you enjoyed it as well :-).
    Being part of training days with hundreds of teachers present, mingling, sharing their ideas, raising interesting and relevant questions is always a wonderful and rewarding experience indeed.
    Looking forward to meeting and chatting to all of you again soon.


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