Monday, August 2, 2010

"Teach kids first and curriculum second"

I can't agree more with George Couros! What they did at their school is amazing and inspiring. The idea that he presented at the 2010 Reform Symposium , is something that could be and should be used in any school: organising an 'Identity Day'. Listen and watch to find out how kids and teachers share their passion, something that is unique about them, something they would like to share with everyone: their school-mates, all the teachers in the school and parents. Involving parents in this process must have been rewarding as well. This is something that can be done as part of the English classes as well, not just as a school. "You can't teach a child if you don't know them", is another quote I keep highlighting myself whenever opportunity arises.
So to find out details about the process of how it can be done, jump on the link above, register and watch. The first 10-15 minutes are taken up by preparing the session, so if you join in the presentation after that, I'm sure you'll be part of a wonderful conference session. From home, at your leisure time, can pause it anytime you need a break. What can be easier than that?

So "teach kids first and curriculum second, teach them first, not the other way around." I think that we need to spread this idea around to school principals/directors here in Hungary as well. I'm more than convinced that it would benefit everyone.


  1. I was reading a book about Dogme teaching by Thornbury and there it really echoed your post here. I do believe it is a current problem for Primary school whereby teachers are 'covering the curriculum' instead of 'uncovering the curriculum'. Nice post by the way.

  2. Hi Martin,
    Cheers for the first follower! And thanks for the comment.
    I really like Scott and his ideas, he is also very good at communicating them. If you opportunity arises, don't miss him presenting at conferences.
    I haven't read his book on Dogme, but my feeling is that many educators had been using this approach instinctively long before the term for it came about. Using teaching frameworks that enable sts to fill it with their own content, with the teacher being a facilitator and energizer of the process is the type of teaching I believe in. I'm planning to post on this blog several such frameworks as time and family allows :-).


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