Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some great teaching tips

I just stumbled upon a great youtube video of Colin Granger, a teacher, teacher trainer, an ELT textbook writer and also a theatre director. He gives excellent tips on how we can make our teaching better.

He speaks about
  • how to start a lesson and what to avoid at this stage;
  • how to hold students' attention;
  • how to involve students;
  • why it's not a good idea to keep saying "That's wrong";
  • what everybody should have with them in class, the students as well as the teacher..
Before watching, you can brainstorm your own ideas on the topics above. Can you guess what he might say for each of these?

When you have finished with your guesses, check Colin's answers below: Well-worth watching!

He also talks about the key to teaching teenagers and "inbetweenagers" here.


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