Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sugata Mitra on Child-driven education

"A teacher who can be replaced by a machine, should be."

"If children have interest, then education happens."

What is your view on this? Let us know what YOU think :-).


  1. Wish I were working with him in Newcastle :-)


  2. Hi,
    You would not understand a word in Newcastle... just Indian accent:)
    Anyway, if there's interest, education happens. That's true, kids are mentally equipped for learning. But I'm afraid interest is the first thing our schooling system destroys. (I hope I'm mistaken.)

  3. Hi barbi,
    Hahhaha, "just Indian accent in Newcastle", that would be fun :-). Well, in this case it would be MY job to make an effort to understand it. The reason why I'm highlighting this is that I believe this is true in any multicultural environment, including multi-cultural classes. What I'm witnessing in general, is quite the opposite unfortunately. Hungarian sts are reluctant to work in pairs or groups with sts of other nationalities, if they find their accent difficult to understand. Now the saddest thing is that teachers don't seem to be able to react to this problem.

    I'm not saying it is the teacher's fault. The problem starts in the pre-service teacher training system, the in-service teacher-development and quality control system in the public sector. Ooops, I should have added "lack of" in front of all three ideas. Guess, I could write long pages about this.

    Anyway, just to give you an idea of what János Ollé believes, teacher at the university of ELTE in Budapest, check out his blog post, that I also commented on: http://blog.ollejanos.hu/2010/06/26/a-ken-robinson-effektus-avagy-a-bulvarpedagogia-kisertese/. Now, if we take him as "one of the open thinking pedagosits about today's education", it gives you a pretty good idea of where we are at the moment. It is great that such conversations emerge, and János Ollé makes this possible, though.

    So no, Barbi, you are not mistaken, unfortunately. The good news is that we CAN do something about this. I believe in kids and teachers who can do better with a little help. So let's spread the word, Barbi :-)


  4. :) Trying hard!!

    I've just read the Ollé blog entry. Your comment is great! Blogging is fun!

  5. Another thing: the method of the grandmother. (Not quite like our current system.)

  6. True, blogging is a lot of fun. It's open to anyone and everyone. And it would be great to hear about the method of your grandmother in more detail :-).
    Hope people had the energy and time to take ideas further and REALLY do something about it in their everyday lives. For example, just try out ONE idea, and reflect on it with an open mind. Ask yourself questions such as: 'Did this really work?' 'Why?' 'Why not?' 'What could I do to make this better?'

    I'm going to offer to János Ollé again to start a more serios conversation about the different "filtering methods" of for those who want to become educators, the teacher training methods that could be used to develop skilled teachers, the quality control and in-service teacher development system that could be applied in public schools to further provide the rright professional support, etc. I don't think he really takes it that seriously, though, unfortunately, if he expects anyone - in this case me - to write down the WHOLE process with its methods and criteria used in a blog post. I don't think this is the place for it, or is it? It would turn into a book, rather than a blog post... Need feedback on this.

    What do YOU think, my fellow teachers, shall I start describing the whole thing in a blog post, which would most probably be VEEEEEEERY long. HEEELP!

  7. Definitely YES! (However I don' t belong to a school,I believe in this sought-after change, the key is all you have mentioned above.)


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