Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Isaac Asimov on education

Here's another interesting interview with Isaac Asimov recorded in 1988! Well-worth watching and thinking about whether much of it has become reality or not after 22 years.


  1. That is kind of shocking! Ok, now our task (as educators) is to bring back the WISH to learn and somehow open little eyes on the enourmous library hidden in their machines.
    Apalling that it all was said back when we were running up and down in the schoolyard (=)) and he knew EXACTLY what would happen in a couple of decades.

    And another thing, the words "learn" and "study". In the old paradigm–in "traditional" school circumstances–do kids study or learn? Do they learn what their studying is aimed at? Or probably they learn something else? Sometimes I have the feeling they learn how to avoid things rather than go for things--although they do have an inclination to LEARN. Hmmmm...

    They have an instinct to LEARN, the methods of STUDYing are not always suitable or appropriate, consequently they will LEARN things they should not learn (many times). Or?

  2. You are right, Barbi. I don't think the current school system teaches them (or taught us, for that matter) many useful things. I think that the different skills we acquire - and here I mean all sorts of skills, from social skills to study skills, from problem solving skills to finding the information you need, etc - are far more important than the knowledge itself. The knowledge helps them survive in the education system, with a bit of overgeneralisation, I guess. The skills, on the other hand are the ones that they need to use in their lives day-by-day.

    Would be interesting to chat about this further, as I'm sure there are lots of benefits of the current ed. system as well, but I'm not 100% coniveced that this is the best choice we have. Can someone convince me?


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