Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seven Ways of Looking at Grammar

This talk gives teachers a great opportunity to think about how we, EFL teachers, really teach grammar.

Is our view of grammar the one that students can really internalise and apply?
What do students really need to know about grammar in order to communicate?
These were just a couple of questions that occured to me as I started to watch.

Insightful and interesting talk.

So without adding my own thoughts any further, I just copied out the the description of the talk on youtube:

"What is grammar, and how is it internalized in the mind? Is it made up of symbolic code or of neural connections? Is it a sedimented trace left by previous conversations or an innate human capacity? Our answers to these questions obviously shape the way we go about teaching second languages.

In this talk, Scott Thornbury reviews some of the main models of grammar—often couched as metaphors—and looks at their implications for classroom practice. Thornbury is a faculty member in The New School MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program and an author whose work has been published by Oxford University Press."

Enjoy and let me know what questions you came up with for yourself.

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  1. I am lucky, that I have just finished my MA course and we had a deeper insight into this topic, these questions, and it was really useful to watch this video to get a better overview of these things.


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