Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Assessment that has worked in my teaching

The question of assessment has been raised in many educational forums and platforms, webinars recently, basically my PLN, so I thought I would share my ideas on assessment with you as well.

to me is useful if it is part of the learning process, but from a completely different perspective from how it is regarded at the moment in general.
I think assessment is useful if it raises sts' awareness of what they know and what they need to improve on. After sts identify their OWN areas (not the ones I tell them), I guide them towards resources they can use to find their answers from.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Analysing video of teaching Very Young Learners

I have found this video example of a lesson teaching Very Young Learners French. John Bach, from Canada uploaded it on Vimeo for teacher training purposes, but later it was deleted and re-edited a bit by www.learner.org

To help us understand the French lesson, for those of us who are not that good at French, the lesson is also subtitled in English.

I would like to use this video now, as part of the Very Young Learners Course starting today.
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