Thursday, November 18, 2010

Analysing video of teaching Very Young Learners

I have found this video example of a lesson teaching Very Young Learners French. John Bach, from Canada uploaded it on Vimeo for teacher training purposes, but later it was deleted and re-edited a bit by

To help us understand the French lesson, for those of us who are not that good at French, the lesson is also subtitled in English.

I would like to use this video now, as part of the Very Young Learners Course starting today.
However, I think it is a great idea to watch it and think of the questions below for those who are interested in teaching VYL in general.

So for those of you who participate in the course I'd like you to watch it and reflect on the following:

1. What are some ideas you have learnt from this lesson?
2. How can you apply them in your own teaching of Very Young Learners?
3. How is your teaching context different and what differences would this bring into your teaching of VYL group as opposed to Mr Scott's?
4. Is there anything that Mr Scott says about the teaching of VYL or anything in his lesson that you would disagree with?

Please leave a comment for all of us to share our ideas and learn from each other.

1 comment:

  1. It was funny to hear from some of the participants on the course that they didn't want to post their thoughts, because nobody had written yet. Well, if everybody is waiting for someone else to be the first on the course, there will be no comments and therefore we cannot learn from each other.

    Your comments are all very important no matter what you think, what your opinion is. One idea may trigger the other one, may inspire someone to try out something they haven't done before.

    I know it's difficult to write your first comment, I've been there myself. Shaking hands, checking my spelling ten times, checking words and their collocations in the dictionary - that's why I have the OUP online dictionary in my side-bar :-).
    However, trust me, it is worthwhile. Not only for you, but everybody reading it. We all learn from each other.

    During the Very Young Learner course it was evident that you had a lot to say, you had very clear and interesting ideas and some questions about this video. So let your ideas heard and so give our readers the opportunity to interact with your thoughts.

    Hope to hear from many of you soon :-)


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