Friday, January 14, 2011

The surprising truth about what motivates us

When I stumbled upon this animated talk through twitter and I watched it, it made me more aware of why I do things, the way I do them, and why I believe in spending a lot of time on sharing our knowledge and expertise for free outside our paid jobs too. It is an amazing realisation.

Now here's the great task: to make this happen in our everyday education. Wow!

Watch it and see if it resonates with the ways you are motivated and then think about how you can make use of these ideas in your own teaching. Would be interested to read your thoughts on this.


  1. Just a sudden thought about the very popular way of trying to motivate kids with stickers in schools. The shinier and bigger, the more valuable. Jee...

    Keep telling colleagues and mums that it would not work in the long run, and it only generates unnecessary and unhealthy competition in class. And had endless chats to them on this, doing my best to explain the reasons behind my belief. Have been trying hard to convince them with very little result, I think.

    Now, I'm glad I'm not the only one :-)
    Hoping that some educators spend a little time watching and contemplating over the messages of the above animated talk, I believe there's a little more hope in being able to convice them about the myths around stickers as a motivational tool.

  2. I totally agree with this video! WE, me and my husband, who is a software developer , have been deeply inspirated by Linux developers, I mean, the attitude of these brilliant minds. Every time when he starts talking about it, my darling is enthusiastic about the whole stuff. Of course, we have had many Linux distributions so far and I never miss talking about it (the idea behind) during my lessons if the flow of events allows it.
    I think, a great educator inspires students with the strengths of her motivation towards her profession,her self-motivation, and never stops encouraging them to find their self- confidence and personal solutions in connection with learning issues.
    I believe that nothing can be more motivating and striking at the same time than freedom. Students need to be taught what to do with it.
    If students experience the great feeling that comes after an achieved personal goal, and it doesn't mean getting a sticker but something that lasts longer, they begin to seek that feeling again and again (life-long motivation), which can be the result of a well-made cake or a good lesson, or a period of successful life.


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