Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I have been posting less?

Well, not difficult to answer that question, as it has been simply because of being selfish.

And that doesn't mean that I don't want to share lots and lots of things. I do, and I wish I could do more. It's about time and prioritising things within a given time, and I'm sure a lot of you do the same things: i.e. making constant decisions about what I should do next, or what I should be doing now instead of writing this post, for example. Well, I need to write this post, because I'm feeling a little guilty for not sharing much lately. Though, here are they 'why's, i.e. the selfish actions, which truly did take up a bigger slice of my time and energy lately, and drew me away from posting on my blog.

First of all there have been a great number of free online personal development opportunities, arisen in the past few weeks and months, of which I'm going to list just a few.
The latest one was
the ISTEK conference that took place this weekend. I was priviliged to be able to watch it online for free and @MarkAndrews (on twitter), the most amazing roving reporter, has also been blogging about this event, giving those of us who weren't there in flesh, a very good picture of the content of the talks/workshops and the whole atmosphere of the conference not forgetting about the ways of bringing presenters closer to us on a more personal level in his style of reporting. He is still posting interviews and fascinating accounts to this blog , so it's definitley worth revisiting it from time to time.

The night before starting to watch the above conference online, I was lucky to pop into Shelly Terrell's regular Friday evening webinars, as part of American TESOL webinars, on teaching children. You just need to enter the room as a "guest" and enter your name, and there you are listening to her presenting, watching her guiding you through her ideas, presenting slides to support the ideas she's talking about and you can also type in questions or comment in the chat box. I really recommend these mini-webinars, as they are short, very interactive full of wonderful ideas. The latest one was on using fingerplays, and you can also find a lot if not all of the ideas presented on her wiki. Also, if you want to watch this webinar, or any of her later ones, which I really recommend, go to the American TESOL site here. This Friday evening, I think 10:00 p.m. (GMT+1), though it may be 10: 30 p.m. - sorry about not knowing the time exaclty, she will be presenting on "ways of using mobile phones in your EFL classes so that parents like it too". Really looking forward to that one too.

Previously, I was on holiday, but then because of a ski-accident I "had no choice " but participate in the Virtual Round Table conference , which was what I'd originally planned anyway, but my family took me away on holiday as a birthday prezi. Well, this conference was a great birthday prezi, participating in the webinars, while looking out of the window overseeing the 2000 meters plus high mountains in Austria. What an amazing experience. The only unfortunate thing was that as soon as the host family got home and started to use the internet the connection wasn't good engough anymore. Having said that, I was still able to enjoy most of the sessions anyway and I or you can watch the recordings of them here too by clicking on the topic of your interest. Isn't this great? Getting free professional development whenever you like on whatever you prefer :-)? I find this fascinating.

There have been a great number of other webinars, such as George Couros', a school principle in Canada, who I wish could be cloned and imported to Hungary. If you are interested in his latest webinar I watched, click here, sit back and just reflect on what he says.

There have been a great number of online teaching tools too that I have been trying out myself to see how I could use them in my teaching and training, but I'm not going to list these now. Instead you can always check out Russel Stannards easy to follow explanations on a great number of teacher training videos of online teaching tools that are out there:-).

On a personal note, I've been devoting more time to my kids lately, not just at home, but trying to find ways to help the school they attend/will attend both as a parent and as an educator. I truly hope that after some time I will be able to come back to you with a post on: "How you can make yourself useful in your own little community" one day.

And I do hope that you will allow yourself to disappear from your blog or other forums to delve into your own professional/personal/passionate development simply out of selfishness :-)

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