Friday, September 30, 2011

ELT Rap - Lesson framework

Here goes the lesson plan I had promised in my previous post. I taught my first lesson with one of my YL groups (age about 8-9) at the beginning of September based on this and after 50 mins we also did the recording, which you can have a look at here, in their class blog.
Summer Rap YL - Lesson framework
In the second lesson we took it further and focused on summer activities of THEIR choice, there was much more sentence and sentence chunk recognition, as well as replacing the activities of the first version of the rap with their activities. By the end of the lesson kids were rapping on their own the full song without any help. I thought they were amazing and it further proved to me what a powerful rapping is in the process of language acquisition.
I have already had some feedback via email from a few teachers from the OUP teacher training course groups, and it would be nice if you could share your experiences here on the blog, so that all of us can learn from them.
Looking forward to your ELT raps!

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