Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where to get your ELT rap tune from?

Rap and hip-hop songs have become one of my favourtite teaching tools to all ages, from Very Young Learners to adults. It is unbelievable how all the students who rap along the songs I and/or we put together can use all the language chunks from these texts with so much ease.

And all the preparation I had to do for the lesson was usually no longer than 10 minutes, including the following steps:
  • coming up with the target vocabulary/functional language/whatever chunks I thought would be useful to practice
  • coming up with a short repetitive text (dialogue, poem, ...)where the above language would occur naturally in real life
  • typing it all up on a handout for later use in various ways in the classroom
There was only one thing that took much longer and that was to find the right tune: appropriate in style to the topic, long enough, repetitive and simple enough without words spoken over and FREE.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas with Bear - teaching children unplugged

"Is it possible to teach children unplugged?" - this a question I've often been asked on twitter. And of course, the answer has always been "Yes!". And then the next question came: "Ok, but how". Difficult to answer on twitter, innit?

Anyway, I finally had the opportunity to do a workshop on it at the local OUP conference in Budapest and it was entitled "Christmas with Bear", the materials of which are downloadable from this post. I thought that it would be useful for all of you who are already working with puppets and might be looking for Christmasy lesson ideas.

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