Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making the most out of technology

In May, 2012 I was lucky enough to be able to attend and do a workshop at the IATEFL Teacher Develpoment and Learning Technologies SIG conference. This was my first time in Istanbul and first time in Turkey and I had a phenomenal time. I've been to lots of inspiring talks and workshops, which gave me things to think about for another 6 months, I guess.
The additional personal adventures made this trip even more memorable. But these happenings would deserve a separate post, so I'm not going to go into details of it for now. Just as a prediction activity, I'll give you some key words to try and guess what might have happened: fire, no car, passport, mobile, taxi-driver, bird poop, pouring rain.

The aim of this post, however, is different. Lots of people approached me after my workshop asking me for its details, so I thought it would be easier  to share the slides and the handout  in downloadable format, and a screencast talk-through of the workshop slides, so that any of you could re-do it for the teachers/trainers in your own contexts. Feel free to tweak it as you feel it would suit your style and audience best. Another thing to remember is that doing the tasks on the slides as they are at the moment in detail would require a 90 minute workshop. If you have less time, you might want to shorten it by cutting out some of the tasks, but keeping the variety of focuses and aims. 

Here are the downloadable slides:
Here comes the video screencast talk-through of the workshop with the slides. One word of apology is needed here, I'm afraid, and that is for my occasional mumbling. This is what happens when I do a longer recording and I have my kids next room playing, and I am less able to focus. I do hope, though that you'll find the talk-through useful and would give you a better insight into what exactly we did at each stage in the workshop. 
NB. The talk-through is approximately 19 mins long, not 4:48 as it says on the screencast for some reason. 

Here is the handout with the description of the case studies I used in the workshop. However, you might want to rewrite them to situations applicable to your audience.
Case Studies

And I've learnt about these wonderful screencasting tools from Russell Stannard through his training videos below. Just click and watch them to learn about them in no time. Remember, though that this is only your chisel to carve the piece of art you have envisaged. The end result will only depend on the content and the style you, your students or your trainees put into it. Enjoy making your own art!

Training videos for using Jing

Training video for Snagit for Image Capture

Training videos for Snagit for Video Capture

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