Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teacher Training Course on Early Language Education

The last couple of months of 2012 were quite busy for me, to say the least and I was really lucky to be involved in lots of interesting projects. One of them was to develop and run a 30-hour teacher training course, accredited in Hungary, on teaching children age 3 to 10 for Tempus Public Foundation.

It was a really exciting experience to be writing the course, but I must admit that nothing can be compared to the thrill of doing the workshops, working with a group of 17 wonderful people from a variety of backgrounds: teachers who have not yet taught very young learners and would like to, mums who would like to teach their own kids by making their own English groups with other kids, experienced kindergarten teachers also teaching English looking for more ideas and reassurance, teachers having little or no experience at all with very young learners, teachers having loads of experience with this age-group and looking for 'refreshments and inspirations'.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for the hard work they have put into this very intensive course, not only participating actively throughout but also helping us develop an even more successful course for the future participants. Your feedback, Zsuzsa B., Márta B., Zsófia G., Enikő G., Zsuzsanna H., Andrea K., Réka K., Emese K., Rita N., Eszter K., Tímea P., Anna R., Melinda R., Petra S., Emese S., Réka Sz. and Petra T., both formal and informal during and after the course has been invaluable. Also, you have produced some wonderful work during and after the course proving how much enthusiasm and thought you have put into it. Thank you!

And to give you a little taster of what it was like here are some photos taken by Eszter during some of the activities.
  I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the course is going to take place again in Budapest at Tempus Public Foundation in two intensive blocks:
  • the first one March 21, 22, 23 
  • the second part April 15, 16.
For more information about the course content and feedback from the previous participants click here.

Plus, to my greatest delight one of the course participants will soon share her reflections on this first 5-day course on Early Language Education as a guest blogger. I'm really looking forward to reading about her experiences myself. 

If you would like to get both theoretical background packed with zillions of practical tips, come and join us on the course!


  1. Hope this kind of training is available via webinars. Teachers today need all the help they can get when it comes to innovations on teaching.

  2. Thank you Lessie for dropping by. Making this training course available online with synchronous and asynchronous sessions is one of our plans for the future.
    I am truly looking forward to being able to deliver webinars on this course.

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    1. Hi Jack,

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