Monday, February 25, 2013

Reflections of a course participant

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Early Language Education course I had written and ran last year in November, I asked one of the course participants to write her reflections on the course. She asked me what I wanted it to be about and I just said "whatever it comes to your mind when you think of it, and I have one request, make sure it comes from your heart". She also asked me if it was OK for her to write it in Hungarian as she is not an English teacher, only happens to speak good English and was very much interested in the topic of the course. Of course, I agreed to that thinking that I would translate her writing. Well, I must admit that when she sent over what she had written and read it for the first time, the honesty that came across her writing gave me goose pimples. And yes, a few tears in my eyes as well. You would guess that I got a bit emotional, but who wouldn't after reading it. Anyway, then I thought that I am simply not capable of translating or rather mediating her feelings, so I'd better wait a few days and then do it. After a couple of weeks, I just read it again and it had the same effect on me. So I'm terribly sorry, but this one I cannot translate. I am sure you have experienced such situations, when you think, this is impossible to translate into another language, or at least it is beyond my capabilities. It is so personal, it so her, it is so revealing that I decided to leave it only in Hungarian. 
Another request she had was for it to stay anonymous, which I totally respect. 

Thank you for this post, my dear "Anonymous", and hope to keep in touch with you in our Facebook group. What you have written is truly humbling. 

To show you of a snippet of one of the things she mentioned you can find a mini-recording from a session at the end of this post.

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